Chiara Calderini




Chiara Calderini has graduated in Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic (Thesis: I monumenti della paura: cultura e tecnica del cemento armato nel restauro dei monumenti in Italia – 1900-1945, Torino 2000) and has obtained a PhD in “Structural Engineering and Geotechnics” at the University of Genoa (PhD thesis: Un modello costitutivo per la muratura - Formulazione ed implementazione per l’analisi di strutture complesse, Genova 2004). Since 2004, she has a post-doc fellowship at the Department of Structural Engineering and Geotechnics (then Department Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering) of the University of Genoa. She actively carries out research work in the field of structural analysis and numerical modelling of historical masonry structures, damage and seismic vulnerability assessment of historical constructions and preservation of cultural heritage.


She has participated in Research Programmes funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research, Italian Department of Civil Defence, and the Italian Ministry for the Cultural Activities and Heritage. 


She is the author of several papers, many of them published in international journals or in international conference proceedings. Has been invited to hold many seminars at several national and international universities and institutions (Kanpur-India, Barcelona-Spain, Tangier-Morocco). Has been peer reviewer for the International Journal of Architectural Heritage and member of the Organizing Committee of the XI Italian National Conference on Seismic Engineering, hold in Genoa in 2004. Her scientific activity obtained awards; among them: “Michele Berardo” Prize of the Turin Polytechnic for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of conservation of historical buildings (2000); Edoardo Benvenuto” International Prize (ex-equo with Joaquin Antuña Bernardo - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) for the best research in the field of the Science and Art of Building (2004).


She is “docente a contratto” of “Engineering Structures” (Tecnica delle Costruzioni) and “Structural analysis of masonry structures” (Dissesti statici delle costruzioni murarie) at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa.


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Calderini, C. , Un modello costitutivo per la muratura: formulazione ed implementazione per l’analisi di strutture complesse, PhD Diss. in "Structural Engineering and Geotechnics", University of Genoa 2004.


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